X-Men Origins: Wolverine FULL TRAILER Released

After the insane success of the full Terminator: Salvation trailer released earlier this week, we now have the full X-Men Origins trailer at our disposal. I have to admit, I was diggin the teaser a lot more. Or maybe I'm still so hyped from how amazing Salvation looked, that this just fell short by comparison. What do y'all think? At least Hugh has stopped singing and dancing, and gone he's back where he belongs, ripping people's faces off. 


Anh Khoi Do said...

Huh, I didn't even know that Cyclops had/has a "power-mate" (as in cell mate) judging from the trailer?!?! Anyway, I hope that the film will live up to people's expectations.

do you have a flag? said...

Yeah, I'm just praying that it doesn't become another X-Men 3 full of wasted money and potential. This already looks better than that had though, so I have decent hopes.