This is pretty much how I experienced the original Willy Wonka

The fake Gobstopper trailer has been making its way around the internet since its premiere at SXSW, but I only just saw it. I have to say, for me, it's not too far from the original. That movie was terrifying. Maybe not as bloody, but still... remember the boat ride that haunted you all the days of your life? 

Even though he's almost silent through the whole thing, I still got excited when I saw Matty from FNL. And of course Dr. Emmett Brown himself was an excellent choice. Almost as good as if they got the original candy man, Gene Wilder... or Peter Ostrum. Scaaary. 

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mrfos said...

Gene Wilder! sorry - this reminded me of my recent post - Top 15 Craziest Celebrity Name Changes--- Mr. Wilder made the list!