PLOT PUZZLE # 3 Revealed!

So here I was, thinking I gave you guys a few good hints, and still no entries for the latest PLOT PUZZLE! I'm only disappointed because this means many of you haven't seen... drumroll......
Shattered Glass was, I suppose, not a widely seen film, but it is one of the better ones I have watched in awhile. It brilliantly covers the rise and fall of real life journalist Stephen Glass. Glass wrote for the magazine The New Republic, a highly respected political news source. His stories were exciting, dramatic, and seemed damn near impossible... in fact, they were. In his three years writing at The New Republic, 27 of his 41 published articles were found to be either partially or entirely fabricated. When the news broke, it completely changed the words "fact check" for the journalism industry, and also corrupted the integrity of the magazine. When I first saw the film, prior to knowing anything about the real Stephen Glass, I was unsure of Hayden Christensen's performance. He seemed to be a little too flat, and a little too all over the place. But after watching interviews with Stephen, I realized he did an incredible job, because that's exactly how he really is. I would definitely say this is his best acting move to date (unfortunately it's in the company of films like Star Wars Episode II... oy). Alongside Christensen is a stellar cast including standby fav Peter Sarsgaard who is amazing as editor Chuck Lane, Chloe Sevigny, Hank Azaria, and Steve Zahn. Overall the movie is a tightly wound bundle of amazing character performances, and a true life story that's too good to believe. 

It is most definitely worth seeing, and now that I know y'all haven't, promise me you'll get on that! Rent, buy, do what you must. And then report back...

So that wraps it up for PLOT PUZZLE # 3. I'm going to think carefully about PLOT PUZZLE # 4, so keep your eyes peeled (what does that expression even mean?)

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